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Where can I find scores or chords for your songs?

There are some guitar tabs and scores available to download over at our online shop. Some are free and some are available for a token charge that covers the cost in notating them. Me and my team (I mean my brother Steven), will try to update these on an ongoing basis during 2010. But we have only what's there at the moment folks and can't help with additional scores or tailored scores on demand right now. Sorry.

What guitar tunings do you use? And what kind of guitar?

Mostly DADGAD, sometimes Open G (DGDGBD) and Open D (DADFshAD) and sometimes even standard tuning! There's info on tunings and tab for particular songs here. I play a Martin 000018 most of the time. The wee 4-string instrument is a tenor guitar.

What's that squeezy harmonium type thing you play on your lap? And how can I get one?

It's a lovely M1 shruti box in the key of C. And you can find out more about them here.

Do you have any plans to gig or tour in ..?

The best way to keep in touch about where I'm playing is to join my mailing list. In 2011 I hope to tour in Canada as well as the UK (and will be releasing my albums over there too). Meantime do feel free to post ideas for venues you'd like me to play on the guestbook. Thanks.

Can I have permission to record one of your songs?

I'm always delighted to know if you're covering one of my songs (songs are for singing!) However, I publish all of my songs through a third party. This means that, whilst I can give you my blessing (and do), if you think you need legal or formal approval, then you should contact a company called Bay Songs Ltd via iq@iqmusic.co.uk. That covers all solo recorded songs. Contact this site directly for songs recorded elsewhere.

Where can I hear more of your band member Inge Thomson?

Inge has her own website and a gorgeous CD called "Shipwrecks and Static".

Can I send you my CD and/or support you on one of your dates?

I will be on maternity leave for most of 2010 so the next round of touring won't happen until 2011. As a result, the chances of me being able to listen to and appreciate your music right now are about as high as my chances of doing up my own shoelaces before too long. But good luck meantime. 

Can you give me any advice about how to make it on the music scene?

I will be adding a 'Resources for Musicians' section to my site soon. Unfortunately, I'm unable to respond to individual requests for advice right now. Check out The Musicians Union. Good luck. Please note that the only business people I recommend working with are those mentioned in the links page of my site. If someone ever tells you they used to work with me ask yourself why they don't anymore?

31st Oct 2015
Murthly Castle Chapel
WEB: www.perthshireamber.com/index.php/test/music/amber-afternoons

7th Nov 2015
Mill Street, Perth PH1 5HZ
WEB: bit.ly/1c1W0JV

13th Nov 2015
The CatStrand High Street New Galloway Castle Douglas DG7 3RN
WEB: catstrand.cloudvenue.co.uk/karinepolwartemmapollockdoublebill

9th Jul 2016
Trelawnyd Memorial Hall, London Road, Trelawnyd, Flintshire. LL18 6DN.
WEB: www.therecordjournal.co.uk/lineup.html

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