Flying out from an East Lothian wood, loads of Edinburgh kitchens, a Glasgow underpass and the banks of The Thames, some BIG new music today in collaboration with the wonders of Oi Musica & Soundhouse Choir.

This is our heartfelt, joyous, communal COP26 Music Response "Enough is Enough".

With 150+ distanced participants. And kudos to the whole mighty team! 

Wherever there's a tree that never grew: 

Let it grow. 

Wherever there's a bird that never flew: 

Let it go. 

Wherever there's a fish that never swam: 

Let it swim on up the river. 

Wherever there's a bell that never rang: 

you can ring it, ring it! 


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License 2020.